Time for some DID YOU KNOW so the next time you run into an awkward conversation, you can bring this up!
You love your jeans but have you every wondered the process to make them the way they are?  Today we will explore Stone Washing Jeans.  Which some don't know are literally made with stones!


Pumice stones are selected and placed in a washing machine with the jeans and chlorine.


Depending on the style selected, the jeans are left in for a predetermined amount of time.  The longer the stones are rotated the lighter the color.


The Jeans are then rinsed, softened and tumble dried.

Just a three step process.  Now you can create those one of a kind jeans.  Until then you don't have to worry about because we've got stone wash styles just for you.  

April 02, 2021 — Chevon Mason

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