3 Easy Ways To Mend Torn Jeans

Don't get rid of those jeans yet!

By C. Mason - JeanAdore,LLC

I know you do. I have a pair of jeans from 2005 that I can no longer fit but REFUSE to give up!  That put a serious smile on  ❤ for denim.  One day there will be a hack for me but until then, here are just some simple ways that you can save those favorite jeans just a little while longer.

1. Patches

Patches are super easy to use and cute at that.  You can get them all over whether you buy them online or if you go directly to a department store like Joanne Fabrics, Michaels or ever Target and Walmart.  Most can be ironed on so there is no need for a needle and thread.

2.  Visible Stitches

Getting an attractive color of thread and just doing the best you can do 😂 mending by hand and letting the color stick out is a great way to fix your jeans AND add a little bit of unique flare.

3.  Fabric Glue

Fabric glue is widely used for being one of the easiest ways to mend a tear.  Just be careful to pay attention to the amount of glue you use and where you place it.



If it is not a huge rip in the crotch part then just leave it. Rips, pulls, tears and even stains are common in jeans anyway.  Yours will just be one of a kind!

April 02, 2021 — Chevon Mason

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April 02, 2021 — Chevon Mason

Stone Washed Denim

Time for some DID YOU KNOW so the next time you run into an awkward conversation, you can bring this up!
You love your jeans but have you every wondered the process to make them the way they are?  Today we will explore Stone Washing Jeans.  Which some don't know are literally made with stones!


Pumice stones are selected and placed in a washing machine with the jeans and chlorine.


Depending on the style selected, the jeans are left in for a predetermined amount of time.  The longer the stones are rotated the lighter the color.


The Jeans are then rinsed, softened and tumble dried.

Just a three step process.  Now you can create those one of a kind jeans.  Until then you don't have to worry about because we've got stone wash styles just for you.  

April 02, 2021 — Chevon Mason