Ready to buy some Bell Bottoms?  Did you know that your body type may need a certain type of Bell to accentuate your figure?  Here a few suggestions we found from doing a bit of research.

Petite Frames:

With your frame a large bell or flare may not be for you.  It can appear to take over your body.  Instead opt for a boot-cut bell.  The smaller flare works great with your frame can also create length in the leg.

Tall and Thin or Straight Frames :

You tend to be measured pretty much the same at bust down to your hip with long legs.  Your leg length make wearing wide flare bottoms perfect for you and you perfect for them.


You hourglass ladies can pretty much have your pick of the litter.  For boosting those curves a bit more your choice of bell would be ones that are form fitting in the buttocks, hip and thigh area.  Large flares are great for curviness as well.  Especially the ones that touch the ground.

Round :

You tend to have a little extra in the middle.  Your best fit would be a mid rise waist that is not body hugging.  A boot cut or similar flare would be all you needed to pull off your look.

Narrow Hip/ Apple :

Due to your small hip area, you would best benefit from a pair of bell bottoms with a smaller flare such at the boot-cut.  This cut can add a little length to the leg as well as compliment the hip area.


April 02, 2021 — Chevon Mason
Tags: Bell Bottom

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