As all fashion does, eventually things repeat themselves, while of course staying new and true to the generation it appears in.  Bell bottoms are no different.  They've come and gone, believe it or not since the 1800s.  Eventually making their way mainstream.  Let's take a look.

In the Navy*

Bell bottom were first sported by sailors in the navy as some armies did not yet have established uniforms. It's said that at times of high water, these pants were easy to roll up. Today the navy still wear bell bottoms but mostly it's fit is a tighter straight leg creating an illusion of a flared bottom.

The 1900s 60s-80s* 

60s - Bell bottoms were fashionable for both men and women with widths of 18 inches.  Mostly non denim.  The flare started from the calf down.

70s - Well every knows about the 70s and bell bottoms.  Especially during Halloween.  Flare during the 70s started from the knee down with width up to 20 inches.  Loon pants and Elephant pants were popular.  Loon pants were similar to bell bottoms but with an increased flare and Elephant pants were like Loon pants but often covered the wearers shoe and were made of DENIM.

80s- Bell bottoms took a slump in this era up until about 1989.

The 90s and 2000s*

In the late 80 going to the 90s bell bottoms started to arrive again but this time as boot-cut jeans.  Boot-cut being that the flare was a lot smaller.  Then later Flare jeans came to be, which had more width then the boot-cut jeans.  They had a 10 years span of being popular and can still be seen for most as a staple item today.  


Bell bottom jeans are definitely back.  This time they are accompanied with extras like cuts, cut outs, distress, and more fancy flare than before.  So what are you waiting for? Be a part of history and the making of the future and get yourself some Bells.

*information summarized from Wikipedia
April 02, 2021 — Chevon Mason

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