Having a one-piece has become and essential part of the everyday wardrobe.  They go by many names such as rompers, overalls, catsuits, onesies, and boiler suits to name a few.  Most commonly though is the Jumpsuit.  The jumpsuit has made its way into fashion through the decades to become what it is today.  A must have!

Here's a little history

Today a jumpsuit is defined by Oxford as being a garment incorporating trousers and a sleeved top in on piece, worn as a fashion item, protective garment, or uniform.  

The jumpsuit was originally created by a Florentine artist and designer who went by the name of Thayaht.  He created the first ever jumpsuit in 1919 as a practical piece of clothing worn by parachuters and sky divers – quite literally a suit for jumping! – as well as race car drivers and aviators. The original skydivers' jumpsuits were simple garments designed to insulate the body from the colder temperature from higher altitudes and minimized the risk of covering important handles and grips.

Today the have new uses.  They were regarded as a garment of convenience, as they are simpler to wear.  They were and are still worn by workers to keep their clothing clean.  Not only to keep their clothing clean but they also provide additional storage (pockets) to keep belongings and work tools. Some even had "drop seats"  so you wouldn't have to remove the entire jumpsuit to use the bathroom.  Today they are everywhere and can be worn everywhere.  Work, a night out, for play and even for bed.  

A jumpsuit by many names

As stated above the jumpsuit has transformed and goes by different names depending on the style.  Let's take a look at the ones we mentioned earlier.

Romper : A romper suit, or just romper, is a one-piece or two-piece combination of shorts and a shirt. It is also known as a playsuit.

Overalls : A garment consisting of trousers with a front flap over the chest held up by straps over the shoulders, made of sturdy material and worn especially as casual or working clothes.

Catsuit : A woman's jumpsuit, typically close-fitting and covering the body from the neck to the feet.

Onesie : An infant's one-piece close-fitting lightweight garment, usually having sleeves but leaving the legs uncovered and fastening with snaps at the crotch. Since the 2000s, onesie has become a commonly used word for a particular style of loose-fitting casual jumpsuits for adults made of knit cotton, fleece, or chenille.

Boilersuit : A one-piece protective garment worn for heavy manual work; coveralls.

You now know the difference so let's take a look at body types and the types of Jumpsuits that work with them.

Jumpsuits are wonderful.  A one and done type outfit. Although, because they come in different styles some are more flattering than others for certain body shapes.  So......

If your Tall : Your long legs can handle a lot of fabric so you should try a wide leg.

If your Petite : Your frame can easily get swallowed up in a lot of fabric.  You would best benefit from a slim cropped jumpsuit.

If you are Pear Shaped : You carry a bit more in the bottom and hips.  You could try an off the shoulder look or a jumpsuit with a little more going on up top.  As for the bottom, try for a straight- or wide-leg silhouette that skims your hips in the most flattering way.

If your Apple Shaped :  You have more upper body and would benefit from a blouson jumpsuit.  The elastic waist will give your belly some comfort and the loose fit of the jumpsuit will do the same for your body.

If you have an Hourglass figure :  You ladies have curves for days.  You don't really have many guidelines as you could pull of just about any look.  You could benefit though from choosing a jumpsuit with a cinched waist to accentuate your curves.

If you have a large chest : You got 'em, flaunt them, but not too much.  A not so deep v-neck would be a great choice for you. V-neck flatters the décolletage and actually minimizes your bust by not projecting a swath of fabric. A defined waist and wider leg will balance your proportions, and bonus points to any details (likes stripes or hardware) that draw the eye to your waist.

If  you have small chest / Straight body : When your shape is on the straighter side, creating curves is easier than you think. A simple ruffle detail up top adds volume in the best way.

Now that you know a little more about Jumpsuits and the like, we hope you find the perfect one to add to your already fabulous and fashionable wardrobe!

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April 02, 2021 — Chevon Mason

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